Our services include and are not limited to:

Real Estate Videography and Photography [ interior and exterior ]:

Our state-of-the-art Movi m5 gimbal and suite of camera equipment enable us to capture cinematic videos of your property. Interior and exterior shots will give your customers a unique and fun viewing experience like never before.

Aerial Surveying:

Let us give you the perspective you need to save time. Show your clients and colleagues what is really happening with a property today, and to assist your future development strategies.

Outdoor Sports Videography:

Showcase your skills with the ultimate professional selfies of you and your friends rocking the amazing outdoor sports you enjoy. From traditional competitions, to outrageous extreme shredding; We will help you to see and show your sport differently. Summer is almost here! Book now for guaranteed time slot.

Training and Education Seminars for Multi-rotors and FPVs:

Matt Ragan will share his knowledge and experience by offering intensive hands-on training in multi-rotor/FPV flying every 8-10 weeks. The two-day trainings are limited in size, so reach us immediately through the “Contact Us” tab on our home page for enrollment information.

Media and Advertising:

Give your business a boost with epic shots featuring your company, your location, and you and your staff in action. Spread the word through the social media and internet with our professional digital imagery. Take your website or advertisement to the next level, as visitors will marvel at the brilliant views we create and you display.

Agribusiness and Livestock Assessment:

Find out what last night’s storm did to your crops. Make sure you have the same number of head of cattle this week as you did last. See if your application of pesticides is working. Observe the effectiveness of your irrigation practices. Challenge us to help you maximize your profitability.

Roof and Structure Inspections:

Save time, money, and risk by ordering our High Definition flyover video of the exact state of that old roof or other structure. Clearly see where concerns might be and assist you to repair them efficiently. Thermal-imaging option coming soon!

Virtual Tours:

Wear our fully immersive 3D goggles and experience a spectacular virtual flight around your property, scenic vista or favorite locale without ever leaving the ground. Tell us what you want to see and where you wish to go LIVE and our pilot will whisk you away. Later you will be able to proudly share a stunning high-definition digital recording with your friends and family. Virtual tours of concerts, weddings, and other adventures are all possible and can be edited with graphics and music of your choosing.

Construction Progress / Time Lapse Documentation:

Provide your customers and others with an eye-catching experience as they relive the construction process precisely edited in a time-lapse sequence. Proudly share the excitement of your project coming to life in a few short moments. Of course, we shall work with you to produce the video to your meet your particular parameters.

Search and Rescue:

Safe visual crossings and accurate videography of hazardous, wooded, or otherwise inaccessible terrain can be readily achieved with our fleet of multi-rotors to aid in time-critical rescues or other emergency situations. Matt Ragan and Birds Eye of Big Sky is absolutely committed to serve our neighbors and community by generously donating time and resources in times of need. To this end we are registered with local emergency and civic authorities who may contact us when necessary.

Topography and Erosion Overview:

We can deliver a comprehensive and detailed visual record of important acreage and topography to assist you with numerous analytical perspectives. See crystal clear views of water damage, erosion, slope hazards and the like. We will greatly improve your perspective to create plans to mitigate drainage problems and optimize opportunities.

Avalanche Risk Assessment:

Avalanches are an ever-present danger in our mountainous landscapes. Our unmanned video platforms can safely capture accurate HD video without noise or the potential of causing a slide. Soon, we will be able to capture 3D modeling of current alpine conditions.

Photogrammetry [coming soon]:

Let us create an accurate 3D model of your property or business. You now possess a valuable asset management tool that will assist you to simulate construction, assess flood risks, print customized maps, generate development scenarios and enhance your perspectives.

Matt Ragan with a father who always took him and his brother to the flying fields and a grandfather who was an air force mechanic, a passion for flying is in his blood. With over 10 combined years of flying experience he has over 120 documented hours flying FPV throughout Flathead Valley and Denver, Colorado. As well as over 200 hours piloting rc single and multirotor helicopters and hundreds more hours on simulators and flying rc planes. Over 500 hours building maintaining and repairing multirotors. Has trained over a dozen people including a federal agency on how to maintain and operate these copters for bridges, waterways and concrete maintenance . As an Eagle scout, a father and businessman he saw the future in these copters and a chance to embrace a career that would be both rewarding and fun, that could be shared with his 2 sons. After building and owning a relatively successful excavating company for 17 years he decided to follow his real passion. Flying RC and photography. With the technology of today you can benefit from all his hard work and research. And SEE DIFFERENTLY.